Imagine a dialogue between 2 drum sets. Add electronic sounds and different acoustic instruments to complete this mysterious music blend: welcome to a new musical dimension of modern jazz. The project presents an abstract musical vision of the past, present and future, represented by a mixture of old and contemporary timbres. The main role is given to the 2 drum sets played by Claudio Scolari and Daniele Cavalca supported by the background sound made with live percussions, preregistered tracks and synthesizers. Parts of the melodic compositions are given to the Trumpet played by Simone Scolari who collaborates in the project to complete the performance on the stage.


Natural Impulse - 2018

Like their prior projects, you could call Natural Impulse ‘jazz’ for a number of reasons but in the end it just sounds like two (sometimes three) guys following their instincts to make music that’s both unpredictable and inviting. And they have only gotten better at doing that.



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